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Temporary Security Cameras

Preventing Theft and Vandalism in Canberra

This system is strictly focused on delivering a better-quality system. We deploy Security Work Towers that are equipped with up to three high-definition cameras, which provide superior image quality and provide full coverage of the site. Clients are very satisfied with the results and typically report no further thefts as a result.

We provide assistance with the app setup on your phone with zero fuss or worry.


Solar & Battery Powered Security Cameras

We provide solar and battery-powered camera systems that make it simple to protect your work sites with the help of our Solar Security division. In the civil, construction, and government sectors, our solar-powered camera systems are protecting hundreds of projects. The charge rate of our solar panels are very efficient and charge extremely quickly. This means that you don’t need to worry about running out of power, even if there is a power outage.

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Benefits of CTFS

when you choose us, you’re guaranteed to get the best system in Canberra. We have the best quality images and videos of up to 4k 24/7 live viewings and recordings.


If a location or event changes, temporary security cameras can be easily moved, installed, or repositioned. In short-term events, construction sites, or situations where permanent surveillance infrastructure is not feasible or cost-effective, this flexibility is ideal.


Our team of professionals will work alongside you to help setup our easy and simple to use Phone application that will allow you to monitor your worksites, projects and events in real time. Or if you would like to setup the application yourself or would like a refresher of how to setup our app please reach out to us so we can send you a step by step guide.


An affordable alternative to permanent cameras is temporary cameras for businesses and events. Despite maintaining high-security standards, they eliminate permanent installation, maintenance, and wiring.

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At Canberra Temporary Fencing & Security, we stand guard, so you can move forward with confidence. Safety and quality, always.

Temporary security cameras can provide peace of mind to organisers, property managers, and the general public, knowing that an additional layer of security is in place.

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